My Name is Rui Shi (石睿), or you can call me Darui.


I’m a Ph.D. student at the Lab on Enterprise Process Innovation and Computing and the Center on Global Internet Finance, City University of Hong Kong. (2019.09–Present)

I was a Research Assistant at the Lab on Enterprise Process Innovation and Computing, City University of Hong Kong. (2018.09–2019.08)

Before that, I was a Research Assistant at the Peer Blockchain Innovation Lab, Nanjing University. (2017.05–2018.08)

And I got my Bachelor’s Degree in Management in Information Management and Information Systems at Nanjing University, China. (2014.09–2018.06)

Interested Research Topics :

(1). Blockchain, Consensus Algorithms, FinTech, Supply Chain Finance, and Game Theory Applications;
(2). Machine Learning, Data Mining, and Natural Language Processing;

Publications :

  1. Si Chen, Rui Shi, Zhuangyu Ren, Jiaqi Yan, Yani Shi, and Jinyu Zhang (2017). A blockchain-based supply chain quality management framework, the 14th IEEE International Conference on e-Business Engineering (ICEBE 2017), Nov. 4-6, 2017, Shanghai, China. (Second author)

  2. Si Chen, Jinyu Zhang, Rui Shi, Jiaqi Yan, Qing Ke. A Comparative Testing on Performance of Blockchain and Relational Database: Foundation for Applying Smart Technology into Current Business Systems[C], the International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (HCII 2018), Las Vegas, USA, July 2018. (Corresponding author and third author)

Projects and Experiences

  1. XunLei Global Blockchain Development Competition:inChain Supply Chain Finance Information Platform.(Completed)【Team Leader】Global Top 50

  2. FinChain Supply Chain Finance Information Platform:A Supply Chain Finance Platform Based on Blockchain Technology Oriented to Informatization in MSEs. (In progress and in development)【Team Leader】

  3. The First Liangu Cup Blockchain Application Innovation Competition: FinChain Supply Chain Finance Information Platform. (Completed)【Team Leader】Excellence Award

  4. Nanjing University Distinguished Engineer Project: Comparative Analysis on Reading and Writing Performance of Blockchain and Relational Database (Completed) 【Responsible for Blockchain part】

  5. Stocks Knowledge Model Constructing Based on Analysis Text on Stocks. (In progress) 【Team Leader】

  6. National College Students’ Innovation Training Program: Management and Use of Supply Chain Quality Data Flow Based on Blockchain Technology【National Level】 (In progress)【Team Leader】

  7. The First Nationwide Universities’ Data Driven Research Innovation Competition: A Research on Homogenization of the Tourism Destination Images of Three Ancient Towns, Based on Big Data Analysis (Completed)【Responsible for tech part】Excellence Award

  8. The Project on the Diachronic Relationship between Government Leaders’ Instructions or Comments and Emergency Management Based on News Text Big Data (In Progress)【Responsible for tech part】

  9. InterviewSecretary: An Open Source Software for Transcribing Interview Audio to Text (Completed)【Develop independently】

  10. Statistical Analysis on Nationwide Foundations’ Data (Completed)【Responsible for tech part】

Open Source Projects :

  1. InterviewSecrectary;

  2. 《Python自然语言处理》(The Chinese translation of 《Natural Language Processing with Python – Analyzing Text with the Natural Language Tookit》 Version 2);