This is a page where bad translations of various books from other languages to Chinese are listed.


  1. 原书Natural Language Processing with Python, by Bird S., Ewan K., and Edward L., published by O’Reilly Media(2009). ISBN: 9780596516499.
    烂翻译版本Python自然语言处理,译者:张旭 / 崔阳 / 刘海平 ,出版信息:人民邮电出版社(2014),ISBN:9787115333681.
  2. 原书Our inner conflicts: A constructive theory of neurosis, by Herney K., published by W. W. Norton & Company(1992). ISBN: 0393309401.
  3. 原书Die Idee der Phänomenologie, by Husserl E., published by Martinus Nijhoff/Haag(1973). ISBN: 9789024751396.
  4. 原书Learning Java,  by Niemeyer P. and Leuck D., published by  O’Reilly Media(2013). ISBN: 9781449319243.
    烂翻译版本Java学习指南(4)(上下册),译者:李强 / 王建新 / 吴戈 ,出版信息:人民邮电出版社(2014),ISBN:9787115356307.
  5. 原书The Science of The Blockchain, by Wattenhofer R., published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform(2016). ISBN: 9781522751830. 
    烂翻译版本区块链核心算法解析,译者:陈晋川 / 薛云志 / 林强 / 祝庆 ,出版信息:电子工业出版社(2017),ISBN:9787121313288.
  6. 原书Mastering Blockchain, by Imran Bashir, published by Packt Publishing (2017). ISBN: 9781787125445.